Palazzo Avino

The historic Palazzo was named after the family who had owned the luxury hotel on Italy's Amalfi coast for many years. With its beautiful setting and the splendour of the 12th century architecture, the Palazzo is the pride and joy of the Avino family. So when the next generation took over the business they decided to keep the tradition alive and rename it Palazzo Avino.

The Lion is an omnipresent feature of the Palazzo Avino architecture. It adorns fountains, greets guest at the door and guards the entrance to the lobby lounge of this crowning glory of Ravello’s hospitality sector – perched on the rocks overlooking the Amalfi coast. Luckily, it is also a much liked animal throughout the Avino family. So when it came to developing the mark for the renamed Palazzo Avino, there was no contest. The design strikes a fine balance to make the King of the animals look inviting without losing its majestic authority.


Palazzo Avino Hotel


Thomas Manss & Company, 2012