strasser tile and plate systems

The market for tile and plate systems seemed well covered when quick-mix planned to place a new professional brand – so smart brand positioning was all the more important. strasser builds on the challenges of the difficult market environment for traditional tilers – the brand exists to make them successful entrepreneurs with a new simplicity.

Smart system solutions based on a compact range, an attractive price-performance ratio and professional technical customer support at eye level build the key to this simplicity. Services help from order acquisition to processing and strategic partnerships give the tilers access to other players in the tile market.

Within the given brand architecture of quick-mix group the corporate design still creates maximum differentiation not only from the competitors, but also from the “sister brands” in-house. The association of the tile joint is used as a recurring theme, both in the figurative mark and the characteristic headline font and as a visual separating element between surfaces or information. Focus of the design development was on the quick orientation, which makes the tiler’s work easier and more economical, and the communication at eye level, which strengthens the professional in his entrepreneurship.

Simplification starts with the packaging design, in which the information has been reduced to the essentials. Clear color coding, icons and generic abbreviations serve for quick orientation between product groups and products. The newly designed delivery program not only offers a user-friendly system orientation, which quickly leads to the right products depending on application and surface, but also offers the tiler an indispensable tool in sales talks with their own customers. The strasser website continues the consistent systematic orientation with interactive control. Useful cross references lead intuitively to the information that the tiler needs right now. The search for the local specialist consultant who can build on the advice provided online is always visible. Expert blog and glossary offer a deeper background and inspiration. Clever filter functions help to find the relevant content.

With cheeky headlines and wit, the advertising and VKF media create one thing above all: Attention to the new brand: strasser not only knows the needs of tilers, but also speaks their language.


sievert SE


kleiner und bold, 2017–2019