axera Software Branding

Web-based ERP software axera meets the current and future requirements of housing companies and real estate administrations. The software enables mobile access: anywhere, anytime, and independent of the device. And it’s scalable: equally suitable for small, large or growing companies and adapts itself to the changing requirements in a modular way. This is expressed by the key visual: The honeycombs form a modular system – an agile network of linked data.

As for this software two experts have joined forces: the Haufe Group and FIO SYSTEMS AG, it was necessary to use visual parameters of both companies. The blue color spectrum as a basis has been complemented by fresh accent colors, which give the appearance more dynamic. The subjects focuses on the user – axera is perfectly tailored to their daily work – whether in the office, at home, on a PC or tablet. The illustrative style simplifies the presentation of complex structures and stands out from the competition.

2016, Branding, Editorial Design, kleiner und bold, Website